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The rapid rise of bullying has been recognized as one of the most concerning phenomena of the last decade. In Greece the percentage of students who were being bullied in 2004 was 8.7%, whereas in 2014 it has risen to the alarming figure of 32%. This means that Greece now ranks 4th in Europe in terms of the seriousness of the issue of bullying.

‘Live Without Bullying’ is a pioneering new program developed by KMOP aimed at dealing with this problem. At the heart of this program lie:

  • an electronic platform (which helps children and adolescents who are being bullied, as well as parents and educators)
  • a training program (for school and university students who want to gain skills and become mentors)
  • a certification process, which will enable the students who will complete the training to certify the skills they have gained.

More specifically, the electronic platform has three areas:

  1. Area for children and adolescents
    In this area children and adolescents who are being bullied can talk with confidentiality to trained peers, trained university students or professional counselors and ask for advice on handling the situation that they are facing. Studies have shown that it is easier for children and adolescents to talk about their experience to friends or peers. Moreover, the fact that the conversation takes place online facilitates even more the children and adolescents to express their concerns.
    Additionally, in this area children and adolescents can read and discuss anonymous stories that they can upload to the platform. Furthermore, in this area there will be an electronic notice board that will contain positive messages that each user can write about someone else.
  2. Area for adults
    This area is addressed to parents and educators. It enables them to discuss issues that concern them, to seek advice on how to handle specific situations and to exchange views on the best ways for dealing with the problem of bullying.
  3. Electronic Library
    In this area users can access useful information both for children/adolescents and for adults.

The beneficiaries of the program will be the following:

  • Children who are victims of bullying: They can use the electronic platform to seek advice on handling the situation that they are facing and to benefit from the online resources available.
  • School and University students who become mentors: They can gain valuable skills and experience in mentoring, certify their knowledge, experience the joy and fulfillment of volunteering and improve their career-prospects.
  • Parents and Educators: They can use the electronic platform to seek advice on how to best deal with bullying at home and at school and benefit from the online resources available.