'We are committed to delivering hands-on solutions based on inspiring ideas'

KMOP employs more than 80 in-house professionals with advanced degrees and several years of professional experience on the field. Our staff comes from diverse educational backgrounds and disciplines and thus constitutes a rich mix of sociologists, social policy analysts, specialists in public health and education, psychologists, economists, lawyers and political scientists. In addition to our permanent staff, KMOP has a wide network of international experts as well as partnerships with first-class educational institutions with expertise in the fields of: employment, social policy, public administration, economics, education, and health.

KMOP is a learning organisation, where individual/collective reflection and learning lead to improved ways of working, achieving goals and innovation. Staff and external experts are therefore encouraged to learn from their daily experience in our projects in different ways, e.g. by reflecting critically on what went well, what could have gone better, and what implications a project may have on future work. As a learning organisation, we constantly assess the impact of our endeavours and strive to make targeted and sustainable changes.