The BeatBullying project, funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, is a partnership between the UK based NGO, ‘BeatBullying’ and KMOP. Its objective is to tackle and address the long term negative impact that peer violence, victimisation, bullying and cyber bullying can have on children and young people, by supporting those who are being bullied and/or cyber bullied, helping educate young people about safe and responsible use of new technology, and building the capacity of schools and communities to effectively manage and reduce incidences of bullying.

This project already being implemented in the UK, under the name ‘Cyber Mentors’, by the NGO BeatBullying, has supported millions of children; is proven to reduce violence in schools by up to 80% and has been independently evaluated by EU funded partners to protect children from harm both on and offline.

KMOP will partnership with schools and youth groups to ensure that at least 200 young people aged 11-18 will be trained as specialist peer-mentors in the next few months, in order to provide support to their peers, who face issues around violence, bullying and wellbeing. It enables young people to build networks of peer support both offline within their schools and communities, and online through a safe website based on a social networking model. Here they form a core part of a tiered support service, which includes accredited counsellors and safeguarding professionals, ensuring children and young people are appropriately supported and protected.