This project, is funded under the  Daphne III Programme and there is an number of partners from different countries involved:  COFACE (coordinator-Belgium), KMOP (Greece), ASGECO (Spain), Isadora Duncan (Spain), Pro Familia Association (Hungary), BeatBullying (UK), Center for Women’s Studies and Policies (Bulgaria), Vaestoliitto (Finland) and Gezinsbond (Belgium).

All partners have come together in an attempt to contribute to raising awareness among the general population, as usually there is a limited understanding about what bullying actually means, how it manifests itself and what the substantial dangers are that can cause immediate and significant harm to children and young people. Consequently, this project will encourage the creation of a supportive environment (off-line and on-line), which will act preventively towards any bullying actions, around children and will eventually also provide recommendations to policy and decision makers at EU level.


This will be achieved through the exchange of best practices about recognition, monitoring and prevention of harmful on-line communication and cyber bullying, the investigation of existing policies within the institutions (schools, universities, etc), the possibility of cross-sector cooperation in order to promote prevention and early intervention, the development of pragmatic and practical tools as well as guidelines for parents, children and schools and the development of an on-line campaign tool, attractive to young people.



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