The recent economic recession has driven civil society and local authorities to undertake more social welfare activities, which are mainly supported by volunteers. However, the lack of a well organized system in terms of recruitment and well trained volunteers constitutes a major issue. According to a EC Survey on Adult Skills, those who volunteer demonstrate better skills in numeracy, literacy and problem solving in IT environment than the ones who do not. At the same time, Greece, Cyprus and Italy are among the countries with the lowest the participation in voluntary activities. Consequently, there is an urgent need to improve the proficiency of adults in literacy, numeracy and technology, so that their ability and motivation to volunteer to be improved.



By bringing together civil society and local authorities and developing the skills of low-qualified adults EVOLVE motivates them as volunteers in their communities, promoting thus active citizenship.



Capacity Building Curriculum

A Capacity Building Curriculum divided in 4 thematic topics (literacy, numeracy, digital, soft skills) will be developed to enhance the skills of low-qualified adults, aiming to foster their participation in volunteering activities. The Curriculum will be available online.

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Online Volunteer Guidance

An  innovative volunteer career will be available through the web platform (e-tool) which will match volunteers with volunteering activities based on their skills, capacities and the respective needs in local communities.

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Methodology of Adult Volunteering for Local Social Welfare Activities

Α methodology of adult volunteering for local social welfare activities will be developed, aiming to equip low-skilled adult volunteers and to better organise community-based volunteering services to vulnerable groups.

The methodology will include the following steps: selection of volunteers, matching volunteers with volunteering opportunities, delivery of training, a 2-month informal internship and evaluation of the internship outcomes.

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A targeted awareness raising event and a final conference will be organized in Greece involving approximately 110participants, such as representatives from local authorities and NGOs/CSOs providing social welfare activities, and other relevant stakeholders, beneficiaries and volunteers of NGOs/CSOs and/or local authorities, and the wider public with the aim of presenting the project outputs and results and motivating the engagement of beneficiaries and relevant organizations, and in generalpromoting its uptake and mainstreaming, thus ensuring their sustainability and further exploitation.

Representatives from local/regional/national media will also be invited in order to enhance the event’s coverage and provide additional dissemination lines.


Funded by: Erasmus+

Duration: 10/2018 -09/2020


Project Partners

(Coordinator) Provincia di Livorno Sviluppo, Italy
KMOP-Social Action and Innovation Centre, Greece  
Municipality of Athens, Greece
Municipality of Agios Athanasios, Cyprus
CARDET, Cyprus
Fondazione Caritas Livorno Onlus, Italy
NOVEL Group, Luxembourg




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