Sports can play a key role in combating discrimination, promoting human rights, resilient communities, tolerance and inclusive communities. Within this context, social responsibility is linked with sports organization, as there is a common ground of activities for promoting positive social impact. For this reason, it is crucial to increase sports organizations’ capacities and abilities to implement socially responsible behaviour and lead awareness on social issues by enhancing their organizational governance in the context of social responsibility. This is important not only for professional teams and clubs, but also for all types of for-profit and non-profit sports organizations, such as semi-professional and amateur sports clubs, (multi)sports clubs and sports academies etc.


GoSport focuses on the incorporation of social responsibility within the organizational strategy of sports organizations in order to bring them closer to society and to raise awareness on societal issues.


How organizational governance influences social responsibility and vice versa

Research on how sport organisations interpret, manage and prioritise social responsibility issues within their organisations, especially in terms of combating violence and tackling racism, discrimination and intolerance, as well as encouraging social inclusion and equal opportunities, and how social responsibility is communicated within sport organizations.

The research includes desk review and interviews with sports organizations.

Guide for sports organizations on social responsibility

Guide on recognizing social responsibility and understanding the relationships between a sports organization and society, the organization and its stakeholders and the stakeholders and society. Furthermore, the Guide emphasizes on identifying relevant core subjects and issues of social responsibility and how social responsibility can be effectively integrated throughout a (for-profit and a non-profit) sports organization.

Awareness raising & training toolkit for non-profit/community (multi)sports clubs and sports academies

The awareness raising & training toolkit aims at building and enhancing the skills of the leadership and staff of non-profit/community (multi)sports and sports academies on how to implement good governance principles through social responsibility, focusing on participation and inclusivity and the promotion of human rights.

Awareness raising & training toolkit for professional and semi-professional sports teams and clubs

The awareness raising & training toolkit for the managerial, CSR department (if existing) and other staff (incl. coaches) of professional and semi-professional sports teams and clubs emphasizes on implementing good governance principles through social responsibility, focusing on inclusivity irrespective of gender, race, sexuality, disability, age or otherwise and the promotion of human rights.

Online Toolkits

The development of the aforementioned toolkits in a digital format and their dissemination through a dedicated section of the website.


Funded by: Erasmus+

Duration: 01/01/2020- 31/12/2021


Project Partners

KMOP-Social Action and Innovation Centre Project Coordinator

Bulsport (BG)







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