The ongoing context of rapid migration into Europe and the politics require an innovative response in order to counteract current fears and open a more personal perspective to the life of migrants. Migration has presented various challenges across different national contexts and is a transnational phenomenon. It is important that a transnational solution is developed and for wider impact to be achieved.


By focusing on telling stories about migrant music and mapping those stories and sounds into an interactive map, MaMuMi aims at combating discrimination and promoting intercultural competences to support trainers working with migrants and refugees. 


Methodological Framework

The methodological framework aims at identifying the training potential for talking about music. It includes an assessment of current practice in using music as a tool for social inclusion, as well as an assessment of current practice, of different ways of using the MaMuMi resources.

Music Workshop Manual

The workshop manual aims at enabling the trainers to prepare and deliver Music Workshops. The guide will include a range of tools and techniques that can be used covering a wide range to improve accessibility and understanding.

Audio Collection

The audio collection stores the MaMuMi song stories in one accessible digital archive. It is an innovative audio library of song stories. The audio collection aims at changing attitudes towards migrants and providing evidence of shared histories amongst migrants groups in host nations.

The migrant song stories will be available in the website.

Music Migration Map

The migrant song stories will be added to a virtual map. When the user clicks on a place, they will hear the story (and clips of the song) and trace that individual’s migration journey, from and to their current location. Individuals will remain anonymous (unless they indicate otherwise). The Interactive App will be suitable for phone, tablet and computer. Users will be able to go to any point on the map and hear the story of a participant’s song, and travel with them to where they are in Europe now.

Briefing paper

The briefing paper includes the practical stages of MaMuMi and is a useful tool from ethnomusicologists, music anthropologists, sociologists, practitioners in the field of migration and experts in popular music and migration.


Funded by: Erasmus+

Duration: 01/11/2019-31/10/2021


Project Partners

University of Gloucestershire (Project Coordinator)

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre 


Know and Can Association (BG)

Asociacion Caminos (SP)

Centro per Lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (IT)

Centre for Social Innovation (CY)




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