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GrandFriend: Uniting young and old for sustainable agricultural practices

The first newsletter for our GrandFriend project is out! Here you will learn about the recent transnational project meeting that occurred in Poland, as well as the upcoming work packages that are being prepared.

The GrandFriend Project is co-funded by the EU and aims to unite the older and younger generations, bridging knowledge gaps to simulate sustainable agricultural practices. With its innovative methodology, GrandFriend aims to enhance the process of achieving the UN goals to double food production by 2050, increase involvement in the Agricultural sector, and contribute to the rising needs of the marketplace demands.

GrandFriend aims to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among both new and experienced agro-entrepreneurs, while also promoting knowledge-sharing between older and younger generations in the agricultural sector.

The objectives include:

  • Highlighting the role of Intergenerational Programmes in sustainable farming
  • Fostering active citizenship among experienced agro-entrepreneurs
  • Promoting the youth’s engagement in eco-friendly practices
  • Addressing cross-generational challenges in agriculture.

To this end, three outputs are being prepared:

  • A Pedagogical Guidebook on the benefits of the Intergenerational Programmes and existing practices in Agro-Entrepreneurship
  • A Digital Game through which players will gain new knowledge of the agro-entrepreneurial sector
  • A Practical Learning Module and AgroLabs with fun, interactive activities that aim to teach new agricultural practices, increase involvement in agro-entrepreneurship, and improve entrepreneurial skills.

Read more in our first newsletter, available here.

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