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New Free Online Course for School Bullying Management

On the occasion of the World Children’s Day 2023, celebrated every year on 20 November, KMOP announces its new online course titled “LINK – School Bullying Management: Effective Skills for Educators”, further enhancing its efforts to protect every child from all forms of bullying and violence.

Through the Live Without Bullying initiative, and in collaboration with COFACE Families Europe, KMOP has developed a specially designed educational programme for managing school bullying and violence among minors, phenomena that have unfortunately escalated in recent years, including in Greece.

The distinctive feature of this educational programme that sets it apart from others with a corresponding theme, is the detailed -step-by-step- presentation of the most important and internationally recognised human-centred interventions in the school environment – at all educational levels. Educators actively participate in their implementation through simulation and branching scenarios. This allows them to discover common communication obstacles between students and educators, understand the causes that lead children to adopt negative behaviours, and consequently adjust their own behaviour with empathy and flexibility depending on the situation.

The educational programme is valuable for educators, psychology students, pedagogy and social sciences students, as well as all professionals in need of basic and specialised knowledge for the prevention and management of school bullying.

The online course has a duration of 3 hours, and it can be followed at your own pace during hours that suit you.

By following a simple online navigation process, you can complete the course and receive a certificate of attendance from KMOP Education Hub and COFACE Families Europe.

You can register and attend the course for free by clicking HERE.

For any information, contact [email protected] or call +302103637547.

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