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WELFARE: New training platform to enhance social entrepreneurship skills

With the aim of helping researchers and students acquire the skills and dexterities to grow as social entrepreneurs in the welfare sector, KMOP, together with the European organisations Vaxandi (Iceland), STIMMULI for Social Change (Greece), Xwhy / Agency of Understanding (Lithuania) and VIVES University of Applied Sciences (Belgium), has developed the training platform Welfare.

The training platform aspires to create an inclusive and integrated learning environment, fostering research and discourse and focusing on social innovation and entrepreneurship in the welfare sector. It will also serve as a hub to bring together researchers and students with educational institutions, non-profit organisations, and relevant businesses in the welfare sector.  Additionally, it functions as a communication platform for social innovators and entrepreneurs, university students and practitioners, sharing knowledge and experiences.

The platform includes online training, supporting materials and Open Educational Resources (OERs) for social entrepreneurs tailored to both their and the welfare sector needs.

The training platform is addressed particularly to social entrepreneurs, universities and education institutions, university students and stakeholders within the welfare sector.

It is free and accessible in English here, while editions in Greek, Icelandic, Lithuanian and Dutch will soon follow.

If you have already visited the training platform, it would be greatly appreciated if you could complete this short evaluation form. Your responses will help refine and improve the available material.

Read more in the Press Release here.


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