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PEARL – Promoting migrant youth participation in decision making processes and democratic life

PEARL will develop educational resources and approaches for enhancing the participation of young migrants and refugees in democratic processes.

Grant Agreement Number: KA220-YOU-E9CEEEA0

Funded by: Erasmus+        Duration: 01/01/2022 – 01/01/2024   


Migrant and refugee youth face many obstacles at individual and structural levels that hinder their active participation in decision making processes and narrow their potential for civic engagement. Studies at national and European level amply manifest that migrant and refugee youth have to face: a) Various legal constraints that deprives them from any form of formal political participation such as right to vote in national and local elections, right to register to political parties) ; b) Lack of tailored education to support the development of skills that will increase their civic participation and their influence over policies that affect their lives c) Overall discrimination and negative media and political discourses on migrant participation that do not allow the nurturing of an enabling environment for the equal participation of migrant and refugee youth.

Addressing the evident barriers and promoting participation is of paramount importance as migrant youth has a pivotal role to play in the social cohesion of future European societies. Young migrants can act as agents for better integration of their parents and for changing attitudes and perceptions towards integration in their localities; at the same time active participation fuels their confidence and forges empowered and confident adults. More importantly migrant youth participation is inextricably linked with the quality of democracy of European societies.


The PEARL project aims at promoting migrant youth participation in decision making processes and democratic life in European societies, by developing novel educational resources and equipping young migrants with the skills to use digital democracy tools to spearhead their democratic participation.


The online training course is directly addressed to migrant and refugee youth (18-25) residing in France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Austria. It offers a holistic response in addressing the participation gaps of migrant youth by blending the development of soft skills with the theory and practice of what constitutes civic engagement in its broad term. After completing the course, participants will have consolidated their knowledge on citizenship concepts and practices; they will know how to participate in the democratic processes and more importantly they will have strengthened key soft skills that will enhance their confidence to take part in various fora and democratic processes and state their opinions.

This Toolbox and accompanying seminars will equip youth workers, NGO practitioners and public authorities’ staff working with youth with knowledge and skills to support the participation of young migrants and refugees. The Toolbox includes best practices, online resources, activities and examples on how to assist migrant youth to engage in public affairs, take part in decision making processes and increase their participation. The Toolbox will be available online, in English and in all partner languages, as open resource material.

Capacity building webinars will be organised in all partner countries with the participation of the target groups. The webinars will present the Toolbox and will train participants on how to use and integrate it in their work.

The PEARL online participatory space will be youth-led and serve as an online transnational public sphere aiming to nestle migrant youth-led initiatives, forge networks and coalitions and form common positions. It will also be a space for blogs and vlogs and a safe space for youth to discuss their positions and unleash their ideas on how they want their future.



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Project Partners

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre (Greece)
Agis, Note et Innove (France)
Greek Forum of Refugees (Greece)
TAMAT (Italy)
University of Barcelona (Spain)
Compass (Austria)
WCIF (Bulgaria)

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