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RESET | Building Resilience in Basic Education


People with basic education needs are among the most marginalized social groups and are frequently exposed to economic, social and/or racial discrimination.

Resilience in the field of education has emerged as a crucial concept. It concerns both educators and learners, in the sense that they both should be equipped in order to cope with the challenges of life.

By anchoring resilience as a key competence in the field of basic education and providing psychoeducational guidance for adult education professionals and stakeholders, RESET aims to improve the supply of high quality opportunities tailored to the needs of educationally disadvantaged adults.

In this context, we would like to share concrete ideas for promoting resilience in basic education. RESET has created a methodological framework, which will be used as a guide for all the future initiatives of the project. The framework investigates and highlights the importance of resilience, especially in the context of basic education. At the same time, it provides concrete ideas and guidance to adult educators and trainers in order to support them on how to thrive when faced with the challenges of their adult learners’ population in basic education.

If you are an adult educator download the report.



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