The general objective of the IntergatED action is to “Strengthen the successful participation of newly arrived third-country national (TCN) children in education and to contribute to the combatting of discrimination against third-country national children in the educational environment in Greece, Italy & Spain, and the EU in general”.

This will be realized by:

  • Raising participation in education and the rate of attainment of (high) school-leaving certificates among third-country national children/youth in Greece, Italy and Spain to enable them to achieve personal independence and active participation in society
  • Supporting the academic performance of secondary education third-country national pupils
  • Enhancing the competences of teachers, school heads and staff, so that they are able to better take into account increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse environments
  • Facilitating and promoting the involvement of TCN national parents in their children’s education and school life
  • Enhancing the knowledge of TCN pupils and their parents on the educations systems of Greece, Italy & Spain
  • Enhancing mother tongue & culture knowledge of third-country national pupils
  • Fostering exchange of experience and good practices on successful integration of TCN children in education and promote comprehensive educational support model(s)
  • Raising public awareness on the role of education in promoting inclusive societies, valuing diversity, & Promoting increased attention to diversity, inclusion and intercultural competences in policy planning in education.

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