Well-being, poverty, employment and legal status are factors that have crucial impact on the health of refugee immigrants as well as on the exertion of their right to access quality healthcare.

Although migrant women share many integration challenges with migrant men, their exclusion risks are even more pronounced, because of simultaneous gender, racial and class discrimination. Adult education has an important role to play in this context. While it is very difficult to get those migrants who would need it most involved in health information classes, adult education should try to work with these target groups where they can be found, i.e. in integration, education and training programmes on other subjects.

VIM addresses adult educators and training providers working with migrants and refugees in various contexts: general adult learning classes, language courses, labour market programmes, integration courses and other. The project substantially seeks to extend the professional competence of these educators to address health issues in their teaching, without being health education experts themselves. More specifically, the specific objectives of the VIM project are the following:

  • Promoting and improving the health migrants
  • Providing information on healthy lifestyle
  • Preventing the importation of infectious diseases
  • Informing migrants about the health system of the host country
  • confidence to make use of the existing health system

A toolbox with small, ready-to-use health education units will be developed, which helps educators to support migrants to stay in good health, adopt healthy life styles and be informed about the health system of the host country as well as build confidence to make full use of it.

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