On the 27th of February 2015, an inter-cultural event took place at KMOP's headquarter, in Athens. The event was implemented in the frame of the project titled "Capacity Building Relay Race – CaBuReRa", which aims at the promoting of the intercultural dialogue and the reducing of youth unemployment through mobility programmes, carried out in six Mediterranean countries (Italy, Greece, Portugal, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine).

The three youth workers from Jordan and Palestine, who participate in the mobility programme carried out in Greece by KMOP, organised this interesting event. Using various media, such as video clips, pictures, true stories and experiences and even traditional costumes, the youth workers did not only present their countries but they also highlighted particular aspects of their culture and their history, enthusing thus and at the same time touching the audience. In addition, the audience had the chance to get informed about the CaBuReRa project as well as the inter-cultural cooperation among Mediterranean countries. The event was attended by young people and professionals from various fields (public & local authorities, NGOs, tourism, professors, psychologists, sociologists, etc.).

To learn more about the CaBuReRa, please visit the project website: