The second cycle of thematic workshops that took place in Greece during the first week of May in the framework of the European Project: “BADGE: Business Advice and Guidance training for women Entrepreneurs”. The thematic workshops aimed at developing the soft skills of women belonging to vulnerable social groups so that the beneficiaries would be empowered in their pursuit of establishing entrepreneurial activity. The workshops were organised by the Family and Child Care Centre (KMOP), a Greek NGO, and were conducted in KMOP’s facilities in Piraeus.

During the implementation of the second pilot phase, 2 thematic workshops were conducted, titled: “How to understand if I am suited to working for myself?” and “How to balance a busy home life with running a business?” respectively. The vulnerable groups targeted were women older than 45 and women that are single parents. A total of 12 women attended the two workshops.

Each of the workshops had a 6 hour duration, and involved thematic modules such as:

  • Motives, skills and behavioural patterns necessary for self-employment
  • Introspection tools and beneficiary SWOT profile
  • Action plans for dealing with underdeveloped skills
  • Time management for home-based enterprises
  • Flexible ways to run a business from home
  • Developing and expanding a home-based entrepreneur’s support network.

Participants of the workshop titled “How to understand if I am suited to working for myself?” called into dispute the social stereotypes that characterise the image of a self-employed entrepreneur and create new thinking processes and approaches based on today’s economic and technological landscape. Furthermore, they were guided into an introspection process, during which they conducted a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis on themselves so that they identified their strong and weak points and create an action plan on achieving their professional goals based on their own skill sets.

A practical time-management methodology was the main theme of the workshop titled “How to balance a busy home life with running a business?”. How does one go from the chaos of everyday life to the tranquillity necessary for a focused business environment? How does one evaluate priorities on a personal and professional level? What’s the difference between something “important” and something “urgent”? Participants of this workshop were called upon to provide their personal answers during the session, using applied methodologies and scientifically validated approaches.

The Workshops are based on innovative tools and techniques developed in the UK by Inova Consulting, a company with extensive experience in the field of developing and supporting women’s entrepreneurship.

More information about the BADGE project is available in the project’s website,, and in KMOP’s dedicated website section at