The 30-month project of providing technical assistance to the Government of Kossovo "EU Support to Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW) in strengthening the mechanism for implementation of social services decentralization".

It was completed and its results were presented at a very successful conference in Pristina, in early September 2016.

Keynote speakers of the conference were the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Arban Abrashi as well as the Deputy Head of Cooperation of the European Union office in Kossovo, Mr. Libor Chlad.

In a TV appearance, Mr. Abrashi stated "It was this project, which in cooperation with Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, has laid the initial basis of capacity building of human resources, for social services in Municipalities of Kossovo."

Mr. Chlad concluded: "Now we are at a point where all mechanisms and procedures are developed, capacities of local and central level are increased, and the whole system is ready for practice."

The specific project was funded by the European Union and was implemented by an international partnership. Family and Child Care Center was the leader of the partnership, having long-term experience on European projects.