From September 2012 till February 2014, KMOP was on the lead the EU funded project “IMPACT: Improving and Monitoring Protection systems Against Child Trafficking and exploitation”

which proposed the revisit of responses against child trafficking from a perspective focused on the rights and well-being of the child. During the project, the 4 partners from Cyprus (CARDET), Greece (KMOP), Italy (DCI-Italia), and Portugal (CESIS) worked together in order to identify strategies and elements in law, policy and practice that would help strengthening child protection and social welfare systems in order to prevent child trafficking and exploitation more effectively. 

Under the framework of dissemination of the project results, the Final Seminar was held on the 21st of February 2014 in Brussels. The seminar focused on the policy level, put emphasis on policy implications, capitalized on the most important findings of work and provided the space to discuss how project outcomes may lead to improved child protection systems. The latter was realized by taking into account the parameters with proven impact to these systems, EU policies and priorities for the upcoming period, as well as the existing situation in most EU countries.

More than 50 officials, policy makers, and professionals from governmental and non governmental agencies attended and shared their knowledge and experience, bringing to the Final Seminar a diversity of knowledge and information.