The Best4OlderLGBTI project intends to fight discrimination based on age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics of older people, and to promote the rights of older (LGBTI) people, through raising awareness of different target groups contributing for a more equal and inclusive society.

More specifically, the project will promote a network of professionals across Europe concerned with this kind of discrimination, for exchange of good practices and for making people more watchful towards reporting cases of discrimination based on age and LGBTI’s issues.

The project target groups are NGO’s, health and social professionals, anti-discrimination experts, public in general and other specific and strategic targets, such as professional of public services, teachers, employers and university students. The main activities include the development if an awareness raising campaign in Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Romania, so as to contribute to the decrease of inequalities and discrimination in public services and health and social care, as well as to encourage the reporting of cases of discrimination (providing information to victims and making professionals more aware about the issue), and the development and pilot implementation of an innovative face-to-face intervention programme with health and social professionals to mitigate stereotypes and negative attitudes regarding sexuality in old age, including LGBTI.