The Family and Childcare Centre (KMOP) in cooperation with D&E (AL) is implementing a new 3-year project titled: Cooperation between CSOs and groups of former victims of trafficking and domestic violence for the economic empowerment of victims. The project is funded by the EU Delegation in Albania under the IPA II Programme and will last from February 2018 until January 2021.

The aim of the project is to facilitate the socio-economic re-integration of former victims of trafficking and/or domestic violence in Albania, many of whom live in Tirana, Kukes, Diber and Saranda. This aim will be achieved through the enhancement of the CSOs’ role in the social integration—through employment—of women who have been victims of trafficking or domestic violence.

This aim will be achieved through:

  • identifying the needs of CSOs to grow/formalize and helping them  to build their capacities through training (and on the job support, mentoring/coaching), and
  • helping them to specialize in re-integration of former victims of trafficking and/or domestic violence.

The Project will support CSOs—and through them victims—by implementing a Grant Scheme for the economic empowerment models for former victims.

Specific support will be provided to the victims’ organization “Association of Albanian Girls and Women” (AAGW) for building its organizational and operational capacity to improve its institutional profile and the services it provides to its members-peers.


Call for Local Grant Scheme Officer - 12/11/2018

Please download the attachment related to the call: