The Family and Childcare Centre – KMOP, in the frame of the European Lifelong Learning project titled “ValidVol: validation of key competences in voluntary service organisations”, organises the 3rd international seminar which will take place in Athens, on the 18th of June 2015. The event is organised in collaboration with the University of Third Sector – UniTS (Italy), the BFI Vocational Training Institute (Austria), the AGORA - Association of Participants (Spain) and the North West Regional College (U.K.), partners of the ValidVol project. The seminar aims at the presentation of the validation systems for non formal and informal learning, with special emphasis on the competences acquired by senior volunteers during their volunteering. At the same time, best practices promoting the principle of volunteering will be presented.

EU states are still in the conception phase of this approach, searching for successful models and tools to integrate into their upcoming initiatives.

FamilEU will be providing the necessary practical, theoretical, and pedagogical framework to train social work professionals, in order to educate EU families to meet the social, economic and professional challenges in an effective way.

The main outcome of the FamilEU project will be a toolkit including an e-learning platform which will host online training modules, social network applications, databases, information material and manuals for social work professionals regarding training for adult members of EU families. Additionally, FamilEU will also be available through a mobile platform application.

On the 27th of February 2015, an inter-cultural event took place at KMOP's headquarter, in Athens. The event was implemented in the frame of the project titled "Capacity Building Relay Race – CaBuReRa", which aims at the promoting of the intercultural dialogue and the reducing of youth unemployment through mobility programmes, carried out in six Mediterranean countries (Italy, Greece, Portugal, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine).