The C2E project takes the approach of addressing the issues that young carers have little opportunity to improve their position in society through regular employment and so entrepreneurship is a real opportunity for them to overcome these hurdles. In fact academic studies suggest, an entrepreneurial approach may help them accomplish several goals, such as increased self-worth and satisfaction by overcoming these barriers to entering the labour market.

PRACTICE project addresses current challenges & needs of preventing radicalisation in school & of supporting opportunities for teachers' continuing professional development (CPD) in this area. It is rooted in current EU policy development and national realities and responds to two needs: (i) innovation in Continuing Professional Development (CPD); (ii) CPD that links policy to practice in preventing radicalism in the classroom.

MedLit#45+ is a strategic partnership project in the field of adult education that is funded with the support of the Erasmus+ of the European Union, aiming to promote the skills development, employability and inclusion in the labour market of low-skilled and low-qualified adults.