In partnership with a broad range of public and private actors, KMOP has designed and currently implements 14 Locals Actions Plans each one focusing on a different Greek Municipality. Actions are implemented locally under the "Local Actions for Social Inclusion Programme" (TOPEKO) and involve the provision of integrated support services to 1265 unemployed beneficiaries, in total, to effectively prepare them for their re(entrance) to the labour market. These actions take advantage of the developmental characteristics of the local economy aiming to channel the beneficiaries to related business activities and promote the establishment and operation of new social enterprises.

The project involves an integrated effort at a local level, mobilising many different local actors (i.e. Local Authorities, NGOs, Vocational Training Centers, Employers' Associations) with the purpose of supporting persons of certain socially vulnerable groups of the region to re-enter the labour market in a sustainable way. The beneficiaries of all project activities are members of the local socially vulnerable groups (i.e. long term unemployed, single parented families, people living below poverty line) and have been excluded from the local labour market.

The activities of this project include:

  • Analysis of the local labour market (study of the characteristics of the offer, as well as the competitive advantages of the local economy)
  • Psychological and vocational counseling to the beneficiaries
  • Networking between the beneficiaries and the local economic actors
  • Vocational training
  • Consulting support for the start up of personal businesses and social enterprises, as well as benefiting from grant schemes targeting at the beneficiaries of this project
  • Awareness raising