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Actions to enhance digital skills in higher education institutions

KMOP, together with the organisations XWHY and Vilnius University (Lithuania), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), CSI (Cyprus), OTB International (Belgium), and the University of Iceland, have implemented the Erasmus+ PLACEDU project over the past two years. This initiative aimed at strengthening digital skills in higher education and addressing educational inequalities experienced during online learning. At the same time, it provided support to academic staff for transitioning to online teaching methods and adapting resources for distance education.

Among the main outcomes of the project is the Digital Social Space, a remote learning environment that enhances the digital skills of higher education personnel and facilitates student participation in distance learning. The platform promotes interaction among online students, utilises mixed learning environments, facilitates the monitoring of students for signs of social isolation, and offers peer activities, among others.

Additionally, a mobile ethnography was conducted across partner countries, involving both students and educators. Participants (20 students and 12 educators) described their experiences, rated their well-being status using emojis, and provided feedback on relevant issues. Students’ comments mainly focused on teachers and technology, while educators’ comments centred on personal attitudes and the future. Overall, both students and educators referred to positive experiences with digital education.

In Greece, KMOP organised informative events to highlight the importance of education in the digital transition and the significant role educators play. They also implemented training programmes specifically aimed at enhancing the digital skills of educators.

PLACEDU project has provided valuable insights and tools for the future of digital education in higher institutions. It addresses critical educational challenges in the digital space and transforms higher education through innovative digital solutions. The project also contributes to improving collaboration, equality, and innovation by enhancing the quality of education in the digital era.

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