The Drop In International Closing Conference will take place in London (UK) on Tuesday July 16th, 2019 during the 7th IARS International Conference. This high profile CPD accredited event aims to push the barriers of national and European policy making and practice through the presentation of evidence-based solutions, and by allowing the voices that are rarely heard to lead debates that matter.

The first day of the conference is dedicated to the results of the Drop In project and will focus on developing tools that allow the re-introduction of early school leavers and dropouts into informal learning based on an innovative, tailor-made capacity-building model.

During the second day of the conference, we will focus on youth entrepreneurship, while presenting the results of our Erasmus+ project PromYSE (PROMoting Youth Social Entrepreneurship). This was carried out in the UK with the IARS International Institute as the Project Coordinator, Belgium with Diesis COOP, Greece with KMOP, Lithuania with Diversity Development Group and Italy with ICSE. We also worked with Canary Wharf Consulting for the IT needs of the project. PROMYSE created tools and courses that promote social entrepreneurship in the health and social care sectors as an alternative pathway to youth self-sustainability. The partnership will present the results of the programme and the evidence it collected on developing the social entrepreneurship and business skills of unemployed youth.

There will be 200 euros available for bursaries to attend the international Conference.

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