The overall project objective of the project is to facilitate the socio – economic reintegration of former victims of trafficking and/or domestic violence in Albania, in the areas of Tirana, Kukes, Diber and Saranda by supporting and strengthening the capacities of local CSOs in evaluating former victims needs and in developing and delivering individualized re/integration services.

In the framework of the project, specific support is provided to the victims’ organization “Association of Albanian Girls and Women” (AAGW) for the building of its organizational and operational capacity so as to improve its institutional profile and the services it provides to its members-peers. The action will enable the organization to become a receiving point for former victims.

In this context we are announcing the public call for an Alternative/Shadow Report Expert.



Due to a low number of applications, the deadline for the public call NO.02/19.02.2020 is extended for 5 more working days from the date of this notification i.e. until 9/3/2020.

All other provisions remain as in the original public call.