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Designing future WELFARE systems: All the latest project updates!

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“Designing future WELFARE systems” is an Erasmus+ project that aims to infuse social entrepreneurship and innovation into Higher Education. The project seeks to create a melting pot for social innovation within universities, as a gateway for researchers and students to develop skills and competences as social entrepreneurs, by engaging them in communication and cooperation with educational institutions, non-profit organisations, and businesses within the welfare system.

What’s new?

In November 2022, KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre (Greece), Vaxandi – Háskóli Íslands (Iceland), Stimmuli (Greece), XWHY / Agency of Understanding (Lithuania) and VIVES (Belgium) met for the first time in person. VIVES welcomed all project partners at its campus in the vibrant city of Kortrijk, to discuss the project results thus far and to introduce some inspirational local, social innovative initiatives (De Stuyverij and DURFBAR). At the end of the day, we held the final discussions about the gap analysis and provided the necessary input for further development of the curriculum, the open educational resources, and the training and communication platform.

What is needed to infuse social entrepreneurship and innovation into higher education?

The gap analysis that aimed to surface the needs of researchers, educators, students and professionals with regard to entrepreneurial and innovative skills and competences was finalised. It contains two main parts: a national analysis of each partner country, and a comparative analysis compiling the results.

Looking for more information or details on the gap analysis results? All reports are published on our website!

What’s next?

The next steps in the project are built upon the insights revealed in the gap analysis in an effort to tailor the training material as well as possible to students’ and practitioners’ needs. The WELFARE partners are developing a curriculum, high-quality open educational resources as well as a training platform with online training and support materials, and a communication platform that enables students and practitioners to share their knowledge and experiences.

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