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Inclusive EduJobs event: Launching the Constructive Engagement Platform

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection coordinates all activities for the inclusiveness and equality of the Roma and Egyptian minorities in Albania. The Launching Event of the ‘Constructive Engagement Platform’ on 1 December 2023, in Tirana, marks a momentous occasion for Inclusive EduJobs—an initiative funded by the European Union dedicated to improving the employability and educational achievements of Roma and Egyptian communities in Albania. Led by the Open Society Foundation for Albania in collaboration with the Municipality of Tirana and KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre (Greece), this project addresses challenges faced by Roma and Egyptian minorities through participatory, context-relevant models in employment and inclusive education.

The platform, coordinated by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, will serve as a dialogue and cooperation mechanism for the integration of Roma and Egyptians across central, local government and civil society organisations. It will facilitate cross-sectoral discussions on strategies and coordinate the National Action Plan for Equality, Inclusion, and Participation of Roma and Egyptians in Albania.

This event, in which KMOP participates, is not only a cause for celebrating the platform’s launch but also acts as a catalyst for ongoing cooperation. Aligned with the platform’s vision, the event will bring together various actors to address the challenges faced by the Roma and Egyptian minority in the country.

At the core of the project’s goals is the construction of sustainable cooperation and constructive dialogue among decision-makers. This collaborative approach aims to establish equal access to quality education and employment opportunities.

Through the active engagement of the minorities themselves in the dialogue for designing and testing models, this initiative aims to mitigate inequality and create a favourable situation for the economic empowerment of the Roma and Egyptian communities.

View the event agenda here.

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