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Supporting the participation of children and youth with developmental disabilities in sailing

Sailing is a sport that provides unique opportunities to children and young people with learning or developmental disabilities, such as ASD, as it can boost self-confidence and self-reliance and practice social interaction with peers within a supported environment.

KMOP, through the SailAway project, aims at fostering social inclusion and developing the personal skills of children and youth with ASD, by encouraging their participation in team sports activities such as sailing. Within this context, it is available a set of awareness-raising tools, aiming at informing parents of children/youth with ASD and nautical clubs about the benefits and opportunities of sailing for this target group.

The raising awareness tools include the following: 

  • An infographic for parents, explaining the benefits of sailing
  • An infographic for sailing clubs, explaining the opportunities that arise from including children with ASD in their activities
  • A Q&A Guide for parents, covering the most frequently asked questions from parents
  • A Q&A Guide for sailing clubs, covering the most frequently asked questions from the clubs
  • An informative video, with testimonies from the children and their teachers who took part in the piloting sailing courses of SailAway

The material is available at the following link: 

If you want to find out more send us an email at [email protected].

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