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YOULead | Beginning of the project and launching the website

young people holding hands

YOUlead at a Glance

Young people have been facing a persistent silencing of their voice that leads to lowered interest in active participation in public life. As a generation that will bear the consequences of current cross-sectoral and complex issues (climate change, demographic change, racism, discrimination), young people need a flourishing civil society and civic space in which they can actively participate and utilise their political rights.

On top of that, the COVID-19 crisis strengthened the trend of underrepresented young people in decision-making and further decreased the number of opportunities to participate in public life. The pandemic also deteriorated the unemployment crisis that the youth had already been facing and also accelerated the transformation of the labour market and economy with an emphasis on digitalisation – another phenomenon faced mostly by young people. It is of utmost importance for youth to take part in shaping their future since they are the ones who will live in it.

Therefore, YOUlead aims to provide youth with knowledge and skills allowing them to build their understanding of the social and political issues that affect us all and disadvantage some. Through acquired training, young people will develop the capacity to become agents of change. At the same time, YOUlead outcomes enforce skills and capabilities that help young people to be fully prepared for college or full-time work.

Launching the website

YOUlead seeks to achieve two main goals that are interlinked and complement each other:

  1. Provide youth, especially youth with fewer opportunities, with learning opportunities and resources to attain an active presence in the public sphere, conceptualise, structure and promote their perceptions, views, and suggestions in their fields of interest.
  2. Support organisations and personnel working in the field of youth to be in a position to empower, train, guide, and support youth in becoming active citizens and foster civic participation

Thus, the consortium is pleased to announce the launch of the YOUlead website. Visit the website to learn more about the project and its results.

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