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APPLE: eArly warning Platform to Prevent youth from dropping out of school Education

APPLE is a European initiative aiming to tackle Early School Leaving.

Grant Agreement Number: 2019-1-UK01-KA201-061942

Funded by: Erasmus+        Duration: 12/2019-11/2021   

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Early School Leaving remains a challenge for many EU member states, despite the significant developments that have been made regarding school integration of young people with vulnerable background.

According to Eurostat, 10.6% of young people 18-24 years old in the EU in 2017 did not complete their studies at upper-secondary level and did not follow any other educational path, for a variety of social, economic and family-related reasons.  Early School Leaving is an obstacle for social and economic growth, thus Europe has to make full use of its human capital and take preliminary measures to tackle social exclusion of vulnerable groups.


APPLE is a European initiative aiming to tackle Early School Leaving. By developing a guide for educators and an online early warning platform, consisting of key scientific material and tools, APPLE will equip educators, schools, educational organizations and authorities with the necessary tools to identify youth at risk of dropping-out and halt Early School Leaving.


Capacity building seminars, tailored to the needs of educators, will be organized. Participants will have the opportunity to get familiarized with innovative pedagogical methodologies and share experiences with peers.

APPLE team will conduct focus groups with students at risk of dropping out of school, in order to collect first-hand information and experiences that will feed in APPLE guide for educators. Through this process, the drivers of early dropping out of education and training will be identified.

A guide for educators will be developed, including material on the profiles of young people at risk of dropping-out, drivers on early-dropping-out and personal stories of the program’s beneficiaries.

This action includes the development and pilot testing of an online platform for educators, schools, organizations and stakeholders, which will consist of key material (research papers, fact-based/experience-based practices and tools, etc.), as well as APPLE guides, curriculum and reports. APPLE platform will enable educators to apply innovative pedagogical methods and to easier identify youth at risk of dropping out of school.

A final conference will be organized in Greece, in order to present the project results and outputs to relevant stakeholders (including educational authorities, schools/school heads, teachers and teachers’ associations, academia, policy makers and the wider public).

European  Commission’s support for the production of this content does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Project Partners

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre
Canary Wharf Consulting (UK) – Project Coordinator
Aproximar (Portugal)
FyG Consultares (Spain)
CPIP (Romania)
KMOP North Macedonia (North Macedonia)

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