Technical assistance to support CSO development in the Republic of Moldova

Contract Number: 2017/388/484

Funded by: Europeaid      Duration: 12/09/2017-12/09/2020   


Organizational capacity continued to increase since 2014 as CSOs have started to view organizational development as a real need, not just a donor requirement. CSOs now pay more attention to internal management, rules, and procedures, as well as appropriate distinctions between managerial and administrative functions and governance functions. At the same time, CSOs have started to improve their legitimacy by involving representatives of local public authorities, businesses, and communities in organizational governance and management.

However, financial problems and staff professionalism remain the greatest challenges facing CSOs. The shortage of professional staff is a stringent problem not only for the public and private sectors, but for CSOs as well. Other current problems faced by many of the civil society organizations are material and technical, as well concerning access to information of public interest or social resistance to the reform and change promoted by the organizations.


The overall objective is to contribute to the development of civil society in becoming a stronger actor, including in actively participating in decision and policy making and implementation processes of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement with the aim of enhancing domestic accountability and transparency. Assistance will be provided to the EU Delegation in Moldova in order to achieve this goal.

Therefore, the development of civil society in Moldova is based on the following activities:

Delivery of tailor-made capacity building services to the grant beneficiaries, benefiting from all three Lots of the EU Grant “Support to Civil Society in Moldova”, to ensure that they meet their contractual obligations from an operational and financial management perspective, in line with EC rules and procedures.

Institutional strengthening of the Moldovan civil society sector with focus on smaller, grass-root CSOs outside Chisinau, including the organisations active in the Transnistria region on the one hand and CSO consultative bodies on the other. This has a dual scope as it aims at enhancing the legitimacy of the civil society sector to advocate for the benefit of the society as a whole – through increased transparency and accountability – as well as developing the capacity of CSOs to effectively participate in and influence the different policy making cycle stages.

Ongoing monitoring and assessment of the civil society environment in Moldova to determine the extent to which it is supportive to the work of the civil society organizations and produce a strong evidence base that will inform the development of the second EU Roadmap for engagement with civil society in Moldova.

This programme is implemented by KMOP Led Consortium. The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission

Project Partners

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre (Project Coordinator)
CIDEAL (Spain)
Cospe (Italy)
Partnerships for Every Child (Moldova)
Regional Environmental Centre (Moldova)

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