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HOMBAT – Combating HOMophoBic And Transphobic bullying in schools

HOMBAT aims to create a solid and sustainable framework for the prevention and combating of Homophobic & Transphobic bullying in schools.

Grant Agreement Number: 764746

Funded by: REC        Duration: 01/10/2017-31/09/2019

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The 2016 Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) report “Professionally speaking: challenges to achieving equality for LGBT people” revealed widespread bullying of LGBT persons at schools in all EU Member States. The professionals stress that many Member States lack policies and implementation mechanisms, which tackle the discrimination that LGBT students face. Where anti-bullying measures are in place, these are often generic and can be ineffective in dealing with bullying on the specific grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity. Other findings include the lack of objective information on sexual orientation and gender identity in schools, the lack of training of teachers and school staff about the fundamental rights of LGBT students, and low levels of awareness and knowledge about LGBT needs.


HOMBAT contributes to the prevention and combating of homophobia and transphobia (HT) in Greece, Cyprus and Lithuania, by promoting the prevention and tackling of HT bullying in schools, building the capacities of teachers/school advisors on preventing and addressing HT bullying, enhancing multi-actor cooperation on combatting HT bullying in schools, and raising awareness about HT bullying in the educational environment.


Research has been conducted in each country to map the national situation regarding HT bullying in schools. Quantitative and qualitative data have been collected from the educational community and other relevant professionals and parents. Following extensive data analysis, the relevant national and comparative reports were compiled and released in June 2018, including an outline of common issues and differences among the partner countries, as well as policy recommendations at local, national and European level.

You can read the reports HERE.

Training curricula/programmes were developed for the capacity building/training of school advisors and teachers at primary and secondary schools. The main objectives were to:

–              Provide capacity building to school advisors (or relevant professionals), so that they are in a position to train teachers on preventing and addressing homophobic and transphobic bullying in the school environment,

–              Provide training to teachers on preventing and addressing homophobic and transphobic bullying.

–              Enhance the knowledge and capacities of school advisors/professionals and teachers so that they can address more effectively the phenomenon of homophobic and transphobic bullying in schools.

The online learning platform and trainers/trainees’ manuals functioned as follow-up support structures for advisors and teachers who deal with the implementation of such training. The online learning platform is available in Greek, English and Lithuanian. It is used as a virtual learning environment where users can find the online modules and manuals, participate in learning activities, use assessment tools to evaluate their performance and communicate with other learners and instructors.

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Project Partners

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre
CARDET (Cyprus)
Accept (Cyprus)
STICHTING Global Alliance for LGBT Education (Netherlands)

VSI Diversity Development Group (Lithuania)

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