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IMPACT – Improving and Monitoring Protection systems Against Child Trafficking and exploitation

The project aims at improving child protection and welfare policies to prevent and protect particularly vulnerable categories of children from trafficking and exploitation.

Project Number: HOME/2011/ISEC/AG/THB/4000002232

Funded by: EC DG Home Affairs        Duration: 9/2012 – 3/2014   


Despite the fact that over the past two decades much time and money has been invested in developing methods to prevent children from being exploited, cases of child trafficking (7%) and exploitation continue to occur towards the EU and across EU borders.  A notable weakness in the methods used is that each different sort of exploitation has been approached as if it required its own specific prevention methods, when, in practice, more effort should be made to improve and integrate the existing child protection and welfare systems with anti-trafficking competencies, measures and programming.


By enhancing the competences of professionals, IMPACT aims at better providing and coordinating the services against trafficking phenomena.


A transnational and a national report were developed regarding the EU and national legislation and policy on child protection and child welfare, fight against trafficking and exploitation, migration, integration and welfare issues.

You can read the transnational report HERE.

You can read the national report HERE.

Two national training workshops were organized for professionals who work with vulnerable categories of children – actual or potential victims of trafficking and exploitation.

National presentation
Final seminar in Brussels
Final seminar in Brussels
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Project Partners

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre
(Project Coordinator)
Defence for Children International (Italy)
CARDET (Cyprus)
CESIS (Portugal)

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