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More women in politics

More Women in European politics – More Women in 2014

Promoting gender equality through greater participation of young women in politics.

Agreement Number: JUST/2012/FRAC/AG/2695

Funded by: Fundamental Rights and Citizenship (FRC)       Duration: 11/2012-11/2014   

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Despite the improvements in addressing inequality between men and women over the past 30-40 years, there is still long way to go in realizing real equality. Women still face glass ceilings, pay discrimination, gender stereotyping, violence and sexual exploitation and the overwhelming bulk of care responsibilities. Women are also under-represented in political decision-making assemblies across the European member states. Actually, in 2012 the percentage of women in national parliaments was approximately 24%, while European Parliament consists of 35% women and 65% men. Consequently, getting more women into politics is part of the process of making more headway in realizing the goal of gender equality.


The project aims at promoting gender equality through greater participation of young women in politics. This will be achieved by establishing a local/national women in politics group (WPG).


The following activities were undertaken during the project:

  • A local/national women in politics group (WPG) was established, with the representation from women associations and at least one political party.
  • Study on the situation of women’s participation in politics. Read the study HERE.
  • The partners took part in a transnational exchange of experience programme, which focused on practical systems and approaches for increasing women’s participation in politics.
  • Local/national campaigns were launched, in order to attract more women and increase their participation in politics.
  • Training and support programme developed and delivered to at least 180 women across the 12 member states of the project.
Candidate Support Programme
More Women in Politics Workshop
More Women in Politics Workshop
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Project Partners

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre
Balkan Assist Association (Bulgaria)
Forum 50% (Czech Republic)
Pro Patria and Res Publica Union Women’s Organisations (Estonia)
Regional Social Welfare Resource Center of Budapest (Hungary)

Sinistra Ecologia e Liberta (Italy)
Women’s NGOs Cooperation
Network of Latvia (Latvia)
Intercultural Institute of Timisoara (Romania)
Alliance of Women in Slovakia
Institute for Social Creativity (Slovenia)
Liberal Women in Sweden (Sweden)
Ballybeen Women’s Centre Ltd. (UK)
Center for Equality Advancement (Lithuania)

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