Moving Forward – Promoting Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Fight Against Trafficking in Human Beings in Kosovo

The project aims to further advance the overall coordination of Anti-Trafficking efforts in Kosovo.

Funded by: Europeaid        Duration: 13/01/2017-12/01/2020   

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Combating trafficking in human beings is one of the key priorities of the Kosovo government, and all its efforts towards this are outlined in the National Strategy Against Trafficking in Human Beings in Kosovo 2015-2019. The strategy strongly states that trafficking is a violation of human rights and one of the most aggressive forms of organized crime that undermines Kosovo’s society.


The overall objective of the action is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the fight against Trafficking in Human Beings (THB) in Kosovo by increasing the ability of the Kosovo institutions to effectively coordinate and implement all anti-THB efforts, in line with EU Acquis best practices and Kosovo’s overall development priorities.

The following results are foreseen:

  • Increased engagement, participation and cooperation of national, regional and local stakeholders in/with the National Anti-Trafficking Coordination Mechanism (NATCM), as well as awareness on how to better respond to cases of human trafficking;
  • Increased number of trafficking cases identified, investigated and prosecuted, as well as better and more systematic inter-institutional coordination and cooperation in the investigation and prosecution of such cases;
  • Increased technical and financial capacity of CSO/NGO service providers – particularly shelters – to accommodate the needs of VoT and accordingly increase in the number of victims receiving tailor-made social support and reintegration services;
  • Increased awareness among professionals and the general public about human trafficking.
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Project Partners

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre
European Public Law Organization (EPLO)
Center for Protection of Victims and Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings – PVPT

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