PATTERN: Prevent And combaT domesTic violEnce against Roma womeN

Empowering Roma women is essential for combating & preventing domestic violence against them.

Grant Agreement Number: 881731

Funded by: REC        Duration: 20/02/2020 – 19/02/2022

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As outlined in the CoE Strategy on the Advancement of Romani Women and Girls (2014-2020), Roma women across Europe face not only gender discrimination but also the additional burden of racism, which push them to the margin of their society. Low educational achievements, high rates of irregular attendance and school dropouts and poor employment opportunities deprive Roma women and girls of realistic possibilities for integration and active participation in society.

At the same time, violence against Roma women and girls remains widespread in Europe, with devastating consequences for women and girls, as well as for societies and democracies. Roma women often fall victims of domestic violence, early and child and/or forced marriages, trafficking and forced prostitution, forced sterilisation, violence by the police and verbal or physical abuse by various state actors etc.


PATTERN aims to contribute to the prevention, recognition and combating of domestic violence among Roma women (18 years old or older) in Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania and the EU, as well as empowering them to recognize and report domestic violence and to act as leaders of change in their communities. In order to support these women, the project will target Roma intercultural mediators and professionals working in community centers or other local/community services.


In-depth interviews with Roma women will be implemented, with the aim to record perceptions and cases of domestic violence, Roma women’s knowledge about their rights against these actions, and their experiences concerning contact with public services and/or intercultural mediators. The data that will be collected will be analysed and presented in 5 national reports.

Two focus groups will be implemented in each country with 5-6 intercultural mediators and professionals in community centres or other local/community services with the aim to identify their level of knowledge on domestic violence against Roma women, and assess their skills on preventing this kind of violence.

One transnational workshop – with the participation of representative if all countries – will be organised in Lisbon, with the aim to exchange good practices in preventing and addressing cases of domestic violence against Roma women, as well as to discuss challenges and solutions.

A common capacity-building curriculum will be developed for Roma intercultural mediators and professionals in community centres or other local/community services. The programme will focus on Roma women rights and special needs, on how to create a safe, including and welcoming environment for Roma women etc.

A training programme guide will be developed for Roma women, in order to empower them on how to prevent, recognize and report incidents of domestic violence, and to act as leaders of change in their communities.

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Project Partners

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre
Amalipe Center (Bulgaria)
CESIS (Portugal)
Federación Nacional de Asociaciones de Mujeres Gitanas Kamira (Spain)
Policy Center for Roma and Minorities Foundation (Romania)
European Roma Information Office (Belgium)

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