The Science of Sexuality Education and Youth Work – SafeYouth

An Erasmus+ project which focuses on supporting and empowering youth workers combating the social obstacles young people face nowadays, because of their gender, sexual orientation and mental health status and help youth to build resilience and improve their well-being.

Grant Agreement Number: 2020-1-CY02 KA 205-001795

Funded by: Erasmus+        Duration: 01/09/2020 – 31/08/2022     


According to Eurostat (2017) 28% of young people aged 16- 29 years were at risk of social exclusion in the EU. This lies to the fact that young people may enter the process of social inclusion at different points and move toward both poles – either marginalisation or achievement of autonomy, depending on the choices they make, the support and opportunities they have. The development of essential socio-emotional life skills may act as protective factors for youth’s empowerment. Quality development of youth workers is interconnected with competence development of youth workers.

Sexuality Education comes to respond to this challenge by empowering youth workers on providing young people with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their sexuality, well- being and lifestyle as to feel more included in their social environment, be more confident about who they are and to become active citizens. Specifically, youth work enables young people to develop holistically- their voice, influence and place in society and to reach their full potential, something that the formal educational system cannot achieve solely.


SAFE YOUTH aims at empowering youth workers to act as ‘first- aiders’ on sexuality education, mental health and well- being topics when interacting and connecting with youth, especially marginalized ones. To achieve this, SAFE YOUTH will implement an innovative and fun process based visual narratives and online attractive content, such as challenge-based learning in the form of digital escape rooms, on topics related to sexuality education, mental health and well-being. Also, the visual narrative will include photography, illustration, video and can be enhanced through the use of visual media.


The SAFE YOUTH learning kit aims at equipping the participating youth workers, youth leaders and trainers with basic competences and skills and with information on topics of sexuality education, mental health and well- being. With the completion of the modules of this learning kit, the participants are going to be able to address issues and challenges that young people face in their social environment and to promote a more inclusive- oriented approach in the field of youth work.

This online visual space serves as a one-stop-shop providing instant access to a wealth of information and gamified digital learning resources such as online modules, visual narratives, videos, escape rooms , the project’s website and chat forum.

The Digital Escape Rooms are challenged based resources that create a more visually attractive and interactive learning environment. With the use of Digital Escape Rooms, the young people are going to improve their knowledge on topics of sexuality education, mental health and well- being and at the same time empower their communication, digital and problem-solving skills as well as their critical thinking.

The practice report to be produced is going to be a result of consultations with three target groups; the policy makers, youth workers and young people.

The European Policy Practice report is going to be consisted of four sections:

  1. Project’s overview and good examples from each partner country
  2. Successes and challenges in the field of youth work
  3. Recommendations for practitioners
  4. Recommendations for policy makers
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Project Partners

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre
CARDET, Cyprus






The Rural Hub, Ireland
Motion Digital s.r.o., Czech Republic




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