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KMOP launches the Social Impact Assessment Initiative
Establishment of KMOP’s offices in Albania, Serbia and Belgium
Establishment of KMOPs branch in North Macedonia and project office in Moldova
KMOP develops an integrated support programme for combatting bullying in schools, launching the “Live Without Bullying” campaign
KMOP is engaged in tackling the impact of economic recession
KMOP implements a set of anti-trafficking international projects, providing both innovative research modules and Technical Assistance to the Government of Kosovo
KMOP is certified by the Greek Ministry of Health for providing services for social care
The Chairperson of KMOP’s BoD is awarded with the Cross of the Order of the Phoenix from the President of the Hellenic Republic
KMOP develops international activities by undertaking flag projects, like the establishment of 2 Employment Agencies in Egypt
KMOP is certified by the Directorate General of International Development Cooperation-Hellenic Aid of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs for implementing development programmes funded by the Ministry
KMOP puts forward a large-scale programme facilitating the entrance to the labour market for socially vulnerable populations, coordinating 35 partners and supporting 5500 beneficiaries altogether
KMOP establishes 3 Grouphouses and a Day Care Center for persons with mental disorders
KMOP becomes actively involved in international projects by leading a transnational consortium in 12 EU countries for conducting a study regarding reconciliation between professional and family life
KMOP is certified by the Greek Certification Center for providing support and counseling services
KMOP implements a nationwide programme to combat social exclusion from the labour market, in collaboration with a large network of stakeholders
KMOP develops a pilot programme for the reception and provision of support to repatriates, in cooperation with the World Council of Churches
KMOP participates to the design and operation of the first Day Care Centers for the Elderlyin Greece
KMOP is recognized by the Greek Ministry of Health as a “special charity organization”
Establishment of KMOP
Establishment of KMOP

and establishment of the first counseling center in Athens Greece.

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