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Dialogic Seminar with Principals and Educators from Schools of Attica

dialogic seminar

KMOP hosted a Dialogic Seminar with Principals and Educators from Schools of Attica, Focusing on Social Determinants of Pupils’ Achievement and School Retention Rates

KMOP is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of a dialogic seminar that brought together school principals of the 2nd Gymnasium of Aspropyrgos, the 87th Elementary School of Athens, the School of Second Chance of Athens, and other educators and relevant stakeholders. The seminar aimed to explore and address the crucial topic of social determinants of pupils’ achievement and school retention rates.

The event, which took place on the 4th of October 2023, provided a valuable platform for educational professionals to engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and collaborate on strategies to enhance the educational experience and outcomes of students in the Attica region.

Key highlights of the seminar included:

  • Expert Insights: Experts and academics in the fields of education and sociology delivered thought-provoking presentations on the various social determinants that influence students’ academic success and school retention. These insights laid the foundation for meaningful discussions throughout the seminar.
  • Interactive Discussion: Participants engaged in interactive discussion designed to encourage brainstorming and the development of actionable strategies. This discussion allowed attendees to share their experiences and best practices, fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Data-Driven Solutions: The seminar emphasised the importance of data-driven decision-making in identifying and addressing social determinants that impact students’ academic performance.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Principals and educators had the opportunity to network and establish connections with peers and experts in the field. These connections will serve as valuable resources for ongoing collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

The event underscored KMOP’s commitment to fostering positive change in the education sector and addressing the complex challenges faced by schools in Attica. By focusing on the social determinants of pupils’ achievement and school retention rates, the organization aims to contribute to improved outcomes for students and create a more equitable and inclusive educational system.

The seminar was conducted in the contexts of  Horizon Europe project “SCIREARLY – POLICIES AND PRACTICES BASED ON SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH FOR REDUCING UNDERACHIEVEMENT AND EARLY SCHOOL LEAVING IN EUROPE”, which aims to determine successful policy approaches and practices based on scientific research to reduce underachievement in basic skills, including digital skills, while fostering psycho-emotional aspects and well-being, thus contributing to reducing early school leaving in Europe.


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