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GenY/Z-SCOODLE is coming to an end. Find out what we achieved

GenY/Z-SCOODLE is coming to an end. Find out what we achieved

After two years of hard work and collaboration, the Erasmus+ project GenY/Z-SCOODLE aimed at upgrading the capacity of youth professionals and organizations through Second Chance Education (SCE) methods and tools has come to an end. The project has successfully equipped more than 71 youth professionals and adult educators with the skills and knowledge needed to build sustainable solutions in order to re-engage the hard-to-reach young people.

More specifically, we built, piloted, and validated sustainable solutions to upgrade the capacity of youth professionals, and eventually youth organizations, addressing the lower range of Generation Y (aged 25-29) and the upper one of Generation Z, through European state-of-the-art SCE methods and practices.

To celebrate the closure of the project, the Final Conference was held on the 3rd of February 2023 in Athens, hosted by Amazing Youth, with the participation of 24 people. During the Conference, the project partners had the opportunity to reflect on the results achieved and present the material that was created as part of the project.

Please find out more about the project outcomes and our final conference in GenY/Z-SCOODLE’s 4th Newsletter.

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