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Policy Recommendations to prevent violent radicalization

School plays a key role in preventing violent radicalization, promoting common European values, fostering social inclusion, enhancing mutual understanding and tolerance, as well as developing students’ critical thinking about controversial and sensitive issues.

Within this context, the team of the Erasmus+ project “Practice – Preventing Radicalism through Critical Thinking Competencies” has developed a policy recommendation paper, which aims at influencing policymakers to improve current policies and strategies on CPD innovation, teaching critical thinking, and preventing radicalism in schools, making them more relevant to today’s classrooms and school environments.

Specifically, the Policy Recommendation Paper is based on the results of the work done in these last three years by project partners, researchers, focus groups, and interviews and includes a European common section, putting together views, approaches, and perspectives for a common European strategy for improving the educational sector in the EU, and a regional and national section.

You can download the Policy Recommendation Paper here.

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