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About Us

KMOP, founded in 1977, is one of the oldest civil society organizations in Greece, with extensive experience in direct provision of social services and implementation of social initiatives. Over the last years, the organization has established an international presence, and is now active in 7 countries, and operating permanent offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Brussels and Skopje.

KMOP is dedicated to making a positive social impact through research and innovative initiatives that address critical social issues, inform public debate and help shape policy, nationally and internationally.

Our mission is to contribute to effective social-policy design and to lead impactful programmes that promote individual well-being, reduce inequalities, eliminate vulnerabilities, and foster inclusive and sustainable social growth.

We actively support individuals and communities through the direct provision of social services and educational opportunities, the implementation of innovative initiatives, research and impactful policy design.

In a constantly changing world – both in terms of new technologies and adapting social needs – KMOP studies and analyzes pressing societal challenges in order to understand society, proposes innovative interventions, educates, and develops the know-how to address social issues based on fairness, innovation, sustainability and balanced development.

In this context, we work with major actors from both the public and the private sector, and with civil society, to design and implement knowledge-based, solution-oriented actions that are essential for fostering social resilience and well-being. Our work focuses in the areas of Education; Social inclusion and cohesion; Democracy and civic participation; Employment and social economy; Health promotion and well-being; Migration; Security and radicalization; Gender equality; Children’s rights; Victims’ support and Human Trafficking; Discrimination and Intolerance.


Artificial intelligence and biotechnology will change the world that we live in. Existing theories seem increasingly detached from the new problems we are facing. The challenge is to modify the system in motion without losing the gains that so far have been achieved. We believe that redefining the notion of value in general and social value in particular is a prerequisite for the successful adaption in this new environment. Our vision is a world that rests on integrity, equal opportunities, sustainable growth and individual well-being.

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