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What we do

Education is the key to building resilient and inclusive societies. In a world undergoing significant changes and rapid digitization, upskilling and reskilling is critical in order to achieve inclusive growth. To be competitive in the digital age, individuals require a learning-for-life mindset.

Aiming to empower people and help them build both their personal and professional competencies, KMOP acts as a knowledge hub, where individual and collective reflection and learning lead to improved ways of working, achieving goals and innovating.

KMOP Education Hub acts as a space that offers access to a wide range of educational programmes, resources and trainings, capitalizing on the knowledge that the organization has gained from its extensive work in the field. These educational programmes involve both the enhancement of traditional skills and the learning of new ones, so that no individual is left behind.

Our aim is to provide vocational training, continuous education and lifelong learning, as well as educational consultancy and support in social policy and social economy related subjects, including migration (education & inclusion), social responsibility, employability, human rights protection, ethics, sustainability, and bullying prevention and treatment.

Besides non-formal education, we also aim to provide formal education programs and courses. For this purpose, KMOP has established collaborations with academic institutions and universities, to offer accredited certificates, diplomas, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Furthermore, in partnership with COFACE Families Europe, KMOP has initiated the European Family Lab, which serves as an innovation incubator for ideas and cross-country knowledge transfer to help family professionals deliver the best possible supports for families and children.

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