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RISING: A mentoring initiative to raise motivated migrants

RISING project - mentoring migrants
The number of migrants has been constantly increasing in recent years and this phenomenon poses new challenges to host societies all around Europe.


The RISING project aims to assist the policies proposed by the EU regarding migrant integration and develop a program for better inclusion, based on direct interaction between people.

In the first period of the project, the focus was on collecting inspiring stories from individuals who successfully integrated into societies of European countries. The stories and resultant conclusions of this process have been gathered into a Booklet.

By the end of the project, the partners will build a structured course for increasing the number of migrant mentors and fostering a sustained integration of immigrants, followed by tools for monitoring the impact of mentoring.

All these actions aim to empower migrants to reach a level of integration in their new communities, so they can help other migrants in their inclusion process.

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