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The 2nd Newsletter of the INCLUDE project is now available!

INCLUDE project

We are excited to announce the release of the 2nd newsletter of the INCLUDE project – an inspiring Erasmus+ initiative dedicated to promoting inclusion, diversity, integrity, and values in youth sports. Our mission is to empower sports professionals to eliminate discrimination and violence against our talented youth athletes.

In this newsletter, you’ll discover our goals, strategies, and ongoing efforts to create a fair and supportive sporting environment. We’re actively developing resources, including training programs, to foster inclusivity within sports academies and spread awareness about the positive impact of sports in our communities. Additionally, find out about our comprehensive Transnational Report on discrimination in grassroots youth sports, offering valuable insights and best practices from research conducted in Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Italy, and Austria.

Join us in our journey to kick discrimination out of youth sports and make sports safe and accessible for all. Read the 2nd newsletter HERE!

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