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Inclusive Edujobs

Inclusive Edujobs: For more education and employment possibilities for Roma and Egyptians in Albania 

Inclusive Edujobs aims to support the inclusion of Roma and Egyptian communities in Albania.

Project Number:IPA/2022/432-813

Funded by: EuropeAid      Duration: 2022 – 2025


A significant challenge for the inclusion of Roma and Egyptian (R/E) communities in Albania’s labor market is their limited capacity to access existing government programs and funds designed to promote employment and self-employment among disadvantaged groups. Additionally, state funding for Community Work Programs only allows organizations to pay salaries that are 50% of the official minimum wage, making these positions unattractive to R/E individuals. Another issue is the lack of social enterprise models that employ R/E workers. Local civil society organizations (CSOs) that work with disadvantaged groups need support to become licensed social enterprises, which would enable them to access state funding from the Social Enterprise Fund managed by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.


Inclusive Edujobs aspires to improve the inclusion of the Roma and Egyptian communities in Albania by strengthening municipal capacities to establish and deliver inclusive services to Roma and Egyptian citizens in the area of employment and inclusive education.

This will be achieved by promoting self-employment & employment schemes, social enterprises, and access to digital and blended education for Roma and Egyptian students at the local level, through financial support to third parties or sub-granting for each intervention scheme in the area of employment or education.

Inclusive EduJobs has three main objectives:

  1. Designing employment and self-employment models in a participatory way, involving municipalities, primarily Roma and Egyptian (R/E) CSOs as well as other CSOs;
  2. Promoting an inclusive education model that improves the access to high quality online and blended education for R/E students, prevents dropout, and stimulates both school attendance and academic achievements;
  3. Strengthening the capacity of local municipalities to manage local development plans developed with a lens of equity;
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Project Partners

KMOP, Greece
Open Society Foundation for Albania (OSFA) (Coordinator) Albania
Municipality of Tirana (Albania)



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