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Digital Theatre | Developing new tools and methods to support theatre and its people

Digital Theatre Newsletter

Digital Theatre is an Erasmus+ project implemented in Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, and the U.K. Its aim is to support theatre and its people – both professionals and non-professionals – by offering them the tools they need to enhance their digital skills and digitally adjust their work in the post-Covid era.

More specifically, Digital Theatre seeks to promote theatre as a tool for personal and professional development, equip theatre professionals with the necessary tools to adapt to the new digital era, and support non-professionals who use theatre as a means of art, therapy, expression, and social inclusion to develop their digital skills and continue their artistic work.

Milestones achieved so far

  • We have officially concluded our step-by-step guide and training curriculum on digitally native theatre. The result is a unique and innovative tool to be used by professionals who want to immerse themselves in the field of digital theatre.
  • We have completed our digital theatre training seminars for 50 theatre professionals. The 60 hours training programmes provided both theoretical and practical resources: a step-by-step guide plus selected literature and audiovisual material on digital theatre production, creation, and performance.

Find out our next steps in the project’s 2nd Newsletter!

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