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GrandFriend: Pedagological Guidebook for Entrepreneurs in the Agricultural Sector

KMOP in cooperation with organisations from Germany, Poland, Greece and Cyprus is presenting a Pedagological Guidebook for Entrepreneurs in the Agricultural Sector, emphasizing the benefits of intergenerational programmes.

This guide offers a thorough look into modern agriculture, exploring climate change impacts and pandemic-related challenges. It is filled with expert insights on Agro-Entrepreneurship and Intergenerational Programmes, serving as a vital resource for understanding sustainable agriculture.

Discover more in the guidebook available here.

The Guidebook was created as part of the EU-funded GrandFriend project that aims to unite the older and younger generations, bridging knowledge gaps to stimulate sustainable agricultural practices. The project objectives include highlighting the role of Intergenerational programmes in sustainable farming, fostering active citizenship among experienced agro-entrepreneurs, promoting the youth’s engagement in eco-friendly practices, and addressing cross-generational challenges in agriculture.

Read more in our 2nd newsletter here.

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