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HEAL | Empowering women victims of trafficking

HEAL project

HEAL – EnHancing rEcovery and integrAtion through networking, empLoyment training and psychological support for women victims of trafficking” is a project that facilitated the integration of third country national women victims of trafficking (TCN VoT) for sexual exploitation. To achieve this objective, it developed and delivered the Recovery and Integration Programme targeted to empower TCN women victims of trafficking in Italy, Greece, Spain and Romania.

Some of the results of the HEAL project, that was completed after a series of actions such as the “RI-TRATTI Festival, are the following: from one to the other”, are the following:

EUROPEAN ANTHOLOGY OF THE BEST PRATICES AND FUTURE RECOMMENDATIONS: It summarises the good practices, challenges and the results of local and transnational networking, and provides recommendations to ensure long-term communication and collaboration between relevant actors and the cover of women survivors of trafficking needs.

TOOLKIT FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT SESSION “FANZINES AND COPING WITH TRAUMA”:  It guides experts and stakeholders, namely support service providers, in their support to women during the healing process after traumatic experiences related to trafficking.

MULTIDISCIPLINARY EMPLOYABILITY TRAINING MATERIAL: It is developed to support third-country-national women survivors of trafficking with knowledge and skills in employability and entrepreneurship.

FANZINES BOOK: It is a collection of 43 fanzines that were created by women survivors of trafficking across 4 countries (Italy, Greece, Spain and Romania).

YOUR CAREER PATH DATABASES: “Your career path” platform is a job search platform allowing to match skills of job seekers to local demands and managed by support service providers who agreed to take over the management and coordination of the platform across the partner countries.

For further information, please download the Newsletter of the HEAL project by clicking here.

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